planet l'ail'va, home of the khuur'ail

80% of its surface covered by a vast and beautiful ocean, L'AIL'VA is home to those who can live in water and on land, a people known as the Khuur'ail. The planet's land area consists of mostly small islands, connected by large bridges and solar panels. L'Ail'Va is known as a tropical get-away to those who have been allowed through the Gateway to visit, though some of the planet's native people are not so welcoming to new visitors. The islands have been built up through the years by the younger generation of Khuur'ail, bringing the vast technological advances from the depths of the ocean into the open world of the land. L'Ail'Va's atmosphere is perfect for life to adapt to; though it does contain some traces of ammonia, the atmosphere contains primarily oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, a similar atmosphere that Humans are accustomed to. The Khuur'ail came through the Gateway in 2653, and are currently working on developing a relationship with the Alliance, though it is not solidified yet.

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The Khuur'ail

A small yet intelligent race, the Khuur'ail of L'ail'va have been around for several millennia. They age slowly and can live to be well into their hundreds. Because of this, procreation has never been of utmost importance to them. They're free to marry as they please, but becoming a parent is seen as more of a privileged than a right. Couples must apply to become parents and with each application, it becomes harder to obtain a new license.

Education and the arts are much more important to the Khuur'ail, as well as preservation of their world and resources. While the Khuur'ail people once were a completely water dwelling people, they have since evolved to breath the air of their home planet. No one remembers a time when they didn't inhabit both the depths of the ocean and the land above.

A humanoid race in appearance, when the Khuur'ail developed the ability to breath air their bodies went through another evolution that allowed them to shape shift for survival. They can move from their amphibious forms into any other they choose. They cannot, however, change the appearance of their shifted form. What they look like in shifted form depends solely on their genetic make-up and it cannot be changed. They can only change into their amphibious form when in contact with water.


The Khuur'ail all come with a certain set of abilities, after years of adapting to L'Ail'Va. They do not possess any other 'power' ability other than what is listed here.

Underwater Adaptation Khuur'ail have the ability to survive and adapt to all underwater environments, being able to breathe underwater, endure high water pressure, and extreme water temperature. They are able to use their senses and abilities to perceive the distortion and pressure of the water, which has proved valuable in avoiding dangers and finding good places to settle. Because they need to adapt to living at various pressure levels, Khuur'ailians are physically much heartier than the average humanoid being.

High Intelligence As all Khuur'ail value education and culture, most Khuur'ailians have high IQ levels, with most of the population in some form of intellectual field of profession. Given their long life spans, and eidetic memory, they hold onto knowledge better than most species.

eidetic memory An adaptation from a time when the Khuur'ail's survival relied on remembering the location of every necessary resource including vegetation for harvesting and migration patterns of various prey as well as being able to navigate their home seas during turbulent waters. The memories are so strong within the Khuur'ail that when stimulated through external means (ie: stress, elemental shock, etc), it can trigger memories so vivid and detailed that it can cause some to mistake the memories for reality.

TELEPATHY: A common ability developed among the Khuur'ail. This is in use especially underwater, so that they are able to communicate when submersed. Contrary to rumors, Khuur'ailians cannot talk to other sea life with this ability.

AQUAKINESIS: A select few Khuur'ailians are born with the ability to manipulate and shape water in liquid, gas (steam, water vapor), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one to the other. They can create visual constructs with liquid, as well as 'bend' it to their will. As this is a very rare power, those who have it are considered to be a weapon. The Khuur'ail who possess this power typically hide it, or practice in secret; this is not a common power to have. (Spots Claimed: 1/2)

Politics & Tribes

Because of this evolution, the Khuur'ail people have been split into two factions. The Lireh'ail Faction, more commonly referred to as (Walkers/Landers) came onto the shores of L'ail'va centuries ago looking for adventure. They didn't see a point in not inhabiting all parts of their world from a scientific standpoint and refuse to let the Ael'ail Faction (more commonly known as Swimmers/Fishmen) have any say in their day to day lives. When the Ael'ail tried to control their land dwelling brothers and sisters, a rebellion sparked up and a war broke out.

The two factions fought for 97 years in what would be come to known as the Great Dividing War and in the end, an armistice was called as it seemed that neither side was going to win. Relations between the two factions are tenuous at best, but they keep the peace as best as they can. It is not uncommon for smaller rebellions to pop up, but neither side is willing to lay claim to them. Whether or not they're sanctioned fights is unknown, but no one questions it anyway. The Great Dividing War started in 2479 and ended in 2576.

The main government is located in the depths of the ocean, in a building named Gauq'ens, located in the Capital city of Dhon'es. Here, both Lireh'ail and Ael'ail factions work together to agree on the laws of L'Ail'Va, and govern over the Khuur'ail as one unified body. Of course with any government, there are parties interested in starting a war once more, but for the time being, there is peace and prosperity within the governing body.


capital city: Dhon'es
allegiance: Themselves, Mother L'Ail'Va, Peaceful nations
Population: ~2.5 Million
Lifespan: ~250 years
Official language: L'Vian
Religion: None.
Age Difference from Human: 52 years

khuur'ail culture

The Khuur'ail culture is very deeply rooted in advancement of their species through science, education and the arts. When a Khuur'ail child comes of age (at roughly 50) they are required to pick one of two fields for mandatory service: educator or philosopher. They will spend 10 years in their chosen service position and afterwards can go on to study as they please. Educators can choose from the path of teaching or healing while Philosophers can choose the path of politics, military leadership or creators (scientists and inventors). They also have the option to go into the arts and become singers, musicians, visual artists, writers, etc.

Because of their keen interest in the advancement of their people, the Khuur'ail are a very technologically advanced culture. Most of their attention is focused on the betterment of their environment and making sure that it is preserved to the best of their ability. Renewable energy sources like steam, water, wind and light are the driving forces behind their worlds. While their main focus has been making their carbon footprint as small as possible, they have also made huge advancements in weaponry during the years of the Great Dividing War. Keeping in mind that they wanted to prevent as much collateral damage as possible, they created water blasters that transform the chemical composition of the water of their planet into plasma beams that, if on impact, did not detect certain programmed genetic markers would turn back into water.

important khuur'ailians

President Minster / Educator: A'lik'ne Riu'k
General of Armies / Historian: Ris'ros Lias
General of Navies / Historian: Efat'ah F'ous
Ambassador / Philosopher: Dr'onal L'uos

khuur'ailians (in game)

gun operator on the dauntless: lu'nezia dre'es

intergalactic relations

When it comes to other Species, most of the Khuur'ail are open to exploring and seeing what is out there. Their planet is open to those they already have good relationships with, though humans have not been common on L'Ail'Va. The Khuur'ail are very interested in learning more about other cultures and to see what they can adapt into their own, to help further their technological and cultural advancement. It is common for Khuur'ail musicians and artists to tour the Galaxy and beyond, many having residences on the space station Terminus.

The Khuur'ail view on Humans is one of fascination; and to help ease the diplomatic relations, they have taken a humanoid form outside of their amphibious ones. Mating with anyone outside the Khuur'ail species is not forbidden, but Khuur'ail can only biologically have children with other Khuur'ail - there are no half-breeds.

Ambassador Dr'onal L'uos and Ambassador Ish'Elta Dre'Es are the most commonly seen Khuur'ail on Terminus, as they travel back and forth through the Gateway to continue conversations between the Khuur'ail species and others. Most recently, more Khuur'ail, typically those of the Lireh'Ail faction, have been following through the Gateway to see what Terminus (and other planets) have to offer.

other notes

There is a 52 year difference in Khuur'ailian age and Human age. For example, Luna Dre'Es is 80 years old in Khuur'ailian, but appears to be 28 in human years. This is an important distinction, as Khuur'ailians do not leave L'Ail'Va until after they at least turn 60 once they complete their 10 year mandatory service of educator or philosopher.

Mandatory services in Khuur'ailian culture insures that every citizen is well educated. Educators can choose from the path of teaching or healing while Philosophers can choose the path of politics, military leadership or creators (scientists and inventors). They also have the option to go into the arts and become singers, musicians, visual artists, writers, etc. Both upbringings produce potential ambassadors to L'Ail'Va.

Those who leave L'Ail'Va to explore the Galaxy beyond the Gateway (ie: Terminus) are of the Lireh'Ail faction. The Ael'ail do not wish to leave their home or the waters they know. Once the Gateway opened in 2653, members of the Lireh'Ail faction started to leave to explore the Galaxy.

To travel through the Gateway, you must apply with Khuur'ailian government to be allowed to go. This is to help insure that the Alliance does not view them as "invaders", or anything else negative. A group of 5 are allowed to travel through each year - but once they are granted access, they can come and go from L'Ail'Va as they please. Since the number of people allowed is so small, Khuur'ailians have to prove they are willing to be a upstanding representative of their species and are willing to work with Khuur'ailians and the Alliance to help forge a good relationship.

While there is a small military on L'Ail'Va, they do not believe in 'outside' war. Because of this, they do not employ spies or participate in espionage. Despite having a 'war' of their own, they do not wish to ruin relationships with any other species. Those who try to spy on other cultures, especially while Khuur'ailians are working on solidifying their relationship with the Alliance, are swiftly punished.

Cybernetics as they are known in Terminus do not work on Khuur'ailians, because of their unique physiology. All Khuur'ailians are given lessons in technology and languages, and are all equiped with universal translators that have been updated the more that Khuur'ailians learn other languages.

For their shape shift form, Khuur'ailians look like Drell from Mass Effect series. Khuur'ailian can only shift into their amphibian form, or their humanoid form, they cannot shift into other forms.

The abilities listed above are the only abilities Khuur'ailains have; they do not develop other powers. Since their race is a highly intelligent one that focuses on education, it does make sense that most Khuur'ailians pick up things very quickly.

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